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Welcome to Frontera, where we prioritize excellence to ensure the provision of superior mental health services.

We understand the critical role that professional psychologists play in enhancing mental health, and we are dedicated to bridging the gap between demand and supply in this sector. We acknowledge that hiring in the mental health sector can be fraught with challenges, and we are here to provide a solution.

Therefore, our psychologist staffing agency is committed to assisting your organization in navigating these hurdles by providing you with top-tier psychologists who are not only highly qualified but also have a deep passion for improving mental health.

Allow us to be your partner in this endeavor, as we strive for excellence in mental health staffing, together.

It’s time to revitalize your team!

Our Psychologist Staffing Agency Services

At Frontera, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop solution for all your psychologist staffing needs. We offer a wide range of services, meticulously designed to cater to your specific requirements.

Whether you’re seeking licensed counselors to provide invaluable emotional support and guidance or clinical psychologists equipped with specialized knowledge for in-depth assessments and therapies, we’ve got you covered.

We understand that each organization has unique needs and challenges, and that’s why we provide comprehensive staffing solutions tailored just for you.

Our vast network of professionals enables us to match you with the ideal candidates who not only meet your qualification criteria but also align with your organizational culture and values.

With Frontera, you gain access to a diverse pool of experienced professionals in the mental health field. Our commitment to staffing excellence ensures that we connect you with the most suitable professionals to boost your team’s competency and drive improvements in the mental health services you offer.

Trust us to assist you in fulfilling your psychologist staffing needs as we strive to elevate the quality of mental health services together.

Navigating Staffing Challenges in the Field of Psychology

We understand that finding the right psychologists to add to your team is not just about credentials—it’s about finding professionals who embody empathy, resilience, and a deep commitment to service.

The process can be overwhelming, with common challenges such as sifting through countless resumes, evaluating qualifications, and ensuring a cultural fit. At Frontera, we acknowledge these obstacles and position ourselves as your solution.

Our agency streamlines the hiring process for you, eliminating the usual headaches associated with recruitment. We undertake the responsibility of vetting potential candidates and analyzing their competencies against your organization’s needs and culture. Each professional we recommend has been meticulously screened and evaluated to ensure they meet and exceed professional standards.

With Frontera, you are not just hiring a psychologist—you’re gaining a team member who will enrich your organization and enhance the quality of care you provide. Trust us to consistently place the right professionals, every time, as we navigate the world of psychologist staffing together.

Our Distinctive Features

At Frontera, we are proud to offer a unique blend of services that distinguish us from other agencies in the psychologist staffing industry.

Tailored Matching

We go beyond merely reviewing credentials. We put in the effort to understand your organization’s unique culture, needs, and challenges, allowing us to match you with professionals who are not only qualified but also perfectly aligned with your organizational values.

We believe this approach ensures a seamless integration of new professionals into your team and contributes to improved service delivery.

Rapid Placement

We recognize that unexpected staff shortages or a sudden increase in demand for your services require quick action. That’s why we’ve streamlined our processes to ensure the rapid placement of highly qualified psychologists.

Our vast network of professionals allows us to swiftly identify and recommend suitable candidates, minimizing any potential disruption to your services.

By choosing Frontera, your organization is opting for personalized service, rapid response, and a commitment to quality that sets us apart in the psychologist staffing sector. Trust us to consistently deliver staffing solutions that surpass your expectations and further your mission to provide superior mental health services.

Engaging with Frontera: A Seamless Process

Engaging with our agency is a simple, seamless process that begins with a consultation with our experts.

During this initial discussion, we take the time to understand the unique needs, challenges, and culture of your organization. This understanding forms the foundation of our tailored approach to psychologist staffing.

Once we have outlined your needs, we activate our extensive network of professionals, embarking on a meticulous placement process. We thoroughly vet each potential candidate against your organization’s requirements, ensuring their qualifications, skills, and values align perfectly with your needs.

Rest assured, each stage of the process is handled by our highly experienced team, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimum disruption to your operations.

With Frontera, you can expect a seamless experience, from the initial consultation to the final placement of the perfect professional in your team. This is our promise to each client — a stress-free, effective solution to all your psychologist staffing needs.

Our Rigorous Recruitment Process and Methodology

At Frontera, our recruitment process is designed meticulously to ensure that we provide nothing but the best psychologists to our clients.


The process begins with an initial screening of candidates. Here, we sift through the multitude of applications to identify those that meet the basic qualifications and requirements. We also assess the candidate's track record to ensure they have a history of ethical practice and professional excellence.

In-Depth Interviews

Those who pass the screening stage are then subjected to in-depth interviews. These interviews are structured to go beyond just testing knowledge and instead aim to evaluate the candidate’s approach to various scenarios, their interpersonal skills, and their alignment with your organizational culture and values.

Credential Checks

Before finalizing any candidate, we conduct thorough credential checks. We verify their licenses, check their professional references, and even look into their past work to ensure they have a history of ethical practice and are in good standing within their professional community.

Our rigorous recruitment process and methodology ensure that we provide psychologists of the highest quality.

By combining the right mix of screening, interviewing, and credential-checking, we can be confident that the psychologists we place not only bring the required skills and experience but also the right fit for your organization.

This comprehensive approach helps us fulfill our promise of providing superior mental health services, together with you.

Diverse Use Cases Illustrating Our Adaptability

At Frontera, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to a variety of scenarios, meeting staffing needs across diverse settings. Below we outline some specific examples where our agency excels.

Private Practices

Smaller mental health institutions, like private practices, often require psychologists with a specific set of skills and experience. We've successfully staffed many private practices, matching them with professionals who not only meet their clinical needs but also fit seamlessly into their close-knit team environment.

Large Mental Health Institutions

Larger institutions often face staffing challenges due to their scale and complexity. Our agency has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to meet these challenges head-on, rapidly placing highly qualified professionals across various departments, roles, and specializations.

Emergency Staffing

Whether it's an unexpected staff departure or a sudden increase in demand for services, Frontera can quickly step in to fill any gaps. Our extensive network allows us to provide prompt emergency staffing solutions without compromising quality.

Long-Term Staffing Strategy

We also excel in helping organizations build their long-term staffing strategies, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality psychologists who align with their mission, values, and long-term goals.

Our tailored matching process makes us an ideal partner for organizations planning their future growth.

These are just a few examples of where Frontera excels. Our adaptability, coupled with our commitment to quality, ensures we can meet your staffing needs, no matter the setting or circumstances. Trust us to provide the ideal psychologists to help render superior mental health services across all scenarios.

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Whether you are exploring long-term staffing strategies or need immediate staffing solutions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to help and would love to learn more about the unique requirements and objectives of your organization.

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